About us

The Human Rights Cities Network is an online platform promoting the development of human rights in Europe and beyond. It aims to help make human rights a reality for every citizen – and in every city – within the European Union. It also fosters participatory democracy and social justice, by leaving no one behind.

About the network

The Human Rights Cities Network is an info hub, where you will find information on what constitutes a human rights city and how existing cities can be developed further. The primary objective is to develop a network of like-minded people who can expand their knowledge and share their experiences, to significantly grow the number of Human Rights Cities around Europe. The Human Rights Cities Network acknowledges the vital role cities play in protecting, promoting and fulfilling human rights.

The network helps implement the full spectrum of human rights for people living in urban settings, by supporting cities and political decision-makers. It also connects them with Human Rights Cities practitioners, who can contribute to the development of concepts, guiding practices and operational strategies, to enhance human rights. Professionalism, inclusive governance and a clear human rights perspective are essential principles. Ultimately, the network promotes a model where human rights are used to redefine the city as a more liveable space.

Mission and Vision

 Our mission is to create an information hub and support people to connect and scale up the successful expansion of human rights cities.

Our vision is to help make human rights a reality for every citizen, in every city; and in doing so to foster participatory democracy and social justice.


The Human Rights Cities Network has five main objectives:
  • Create an interactive community of human rights cities practitioners in Europe
  • Exchange locally-developed best practices and lessons learned at city level
  • Support cities and key actors to connect, promote and scale up the development of human rights cities
  • Advance a guiding philosophy, principles and models that are linked to relevant instruments and policies at the national, European and international level
  • Tackle the challenges and provide solutions that can lead to the successful development of human rights cities
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