Happy New Year 2021 !

We wish you a fruitful New Year 2021 !

We warmly thank the cities and the organisations partnering with us for their trust, for participating and collaborating with our network in 2020. It has been very inspiring to learn from their experiences, to share creative practices and to remain connected throughout this challenging time. In 2020, many initiatives and those taken by human rights cities in particular, demonstrate the realisation of human rights principles and values at their finest.

2020 came to an end but the Covid-19 pandemic is still impacting the way we interact, live and work. The cities of Europe are experiencing different epidemic patterns, posing different risks everywhere. The Human Rights Cities Network is well aware how the pandemic requires tireless efforts to implement interventions at the local level and to take human rights-based measures to ensure the safety of everyone in your cities. 

One of the fundamental lessons of the past year has been the prominent role local authorities’ play in the realisation of human rights.  That have been praised in different fora, by various cities networks, regional organisations and international institutions. The European Union has also been seeking ways to support cities in their efforts and finally agreed on a budget which should help to lead the way into a better future.

2021 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the Human Rights Cities Network. We will kick off with the organisation of a roundtable consultation with cities actors and the UN Special Rapporteur on poverty and human rights, on the 20th January 2021. Sharing knowledge and building on your expertise to further expand the number of human rights cities in Europe remains our mission. We believe our work to promote a more resilient and sustainable human rights cities’ movement depends on all of us, on our engagement to build back and better. 

Thank you for following us and supporting what we do.

The Human Rights Cities Network Team 

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