INFO-SESSION: How can cities monitor Human Rights?

Invitation to participate in the 
Human Rights Cities Network pilot initiative
Together, we want to support the development of the human rights cities movement in Europe.
Register for the online information session, on 18 April 2023, at 11:00 am.
The HRCN team will present the development of the Standardized Monitoring System (SMS) pilot project with Andrea Pozza, a senior expert specialized in monitoring public services.
The SMS aim is to co-create, together with cities, a unique set of indicators and monitoring tools integrating people and their rights at the centre of public policies and practices. With this system, cities will be able to regularly evaluate their achievements and analyse the influence of their work in making human rights a reality for their people. The process will contribute to transforming participating cities into human rights cities or to strengthen the good practices of the ones that already are.
The SMS is conceived to respond to the specific needs of both the cities and the people.
We are looking forward to meeting with you.
Kind regards,
The Human Rights Cities Network Team

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