Mark the World Cities Day & join forces to strenghten the Human Rights Cities Movement

Mark the World Cities Day & join forces to make the Declaration of the 2020 World Human Rights Cities Forum  a reality. In a moment where human rights are at stake, this forum recalls the necessity to unite in solidarity and cooperation to develop a better future for everyone.

Join in the 5 commitments of the 2020 World Human Rights Cities Forum:

  1. Strengthen the UN’s role and practice in local governments and human rights, and the human rights cities movement
  2. Promote local governments’ good practices to protect and implement human rights in support of the SDGs
  3. Support local governments’ efforts to protect people’s rights
  4. Pursue collaboration for network activation, human rights education and human rights policy implementation in line with the “Gwangju Human Rights Cities 2030 Agenda”,
  5. Share history and memories among cities to further support the development of human rights cities

This year, the 10th World Human Rights Cities Forum recognises that a Human Rights City is sustainable when community efforts contribute to a continuum process. We, the participants, reaffirm the need to share our experiences and our practices to further strengthen and expand the Human Rights City Movement. The Declaration supports the “COVID19 Guidance” by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights but also the UN Human Rights Council’s resolution (A/HRC/45/L.27) reinforcing local governments’ role in human rights protection. The document welcomes the establishment of the International Human Rights Education Centre in Gwangju, and acknowledges the efforts of all the actors involved in the human rights cities’ movement, local authorities and cities in particular, to “build back better”.

The Human Rights Cities Network has participated in the World Human Rights Cities Forum since 2018 and has been a member

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