OHCHR calls out for contributions

In the context of the upcoming OHCHR report on Local Governments and Human Rights, as mandated by the UN Human Rights Council, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights calls out to human rights institutions and civil-society representatives, which includes non-governmental organizations and  local governments.

Thus, we invite members of the HRCN to send us a brief summary on human rights developments in your city or municipality with a particular focus on the right to equality and non-discrimination and the protection of persons in marginalized situations. The purpose is to gather information on the role of local governments and challenges faced in the promotion and protection of human rights. 

The summary may include:


Please send any information by the 3rd of April 2022, to: callohchr@humanrightscities.net. We are available for questions or inquiries. 

Your contributions will be compiled into a comprehensive paper and will be transmitted to the OHCHR.  This will feed the OHCHR report requested by the Human Rights Council Resolution 45/7, in view to identifying possible elements of principles guiding local and national governments in this regard. The OHCHR report will be presented at the 51st session in September/October 2022. Moreover, the information you provide us with will contribute to the HRCN information hub, good practices from our members will be shared on our website and social media. 

We fully stand behind the efforts of existing members of the HRCN network in their contribution to peace and equality and we thank you for your cooperation.

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