Research on COVID 19 in European human rights cities

The Human Rights Cities Network (HRCN) is supporting a research on the effects and responses of COVID 19 in European human rights cities. The research is conducted by a group of MA researchers from the University of York and is based on an online survey. The researchers are working in partnership with the York Human Rights City Network (YHRCN) and will submit a report using the other EU experiences as a benchmarking.

Looking at the responses to COVID 19 across different human rights cities in Europe, the study will review the responses to the pandemic at the local and the international levels. Drawing comparisons between the approach in York and the other cities from the Human Rights Cities Network will contribute to the recommendations of their report.

This study is of interest for our network as it is building upon the webinars on COVID 19 and the work of the human rights cities in 2020. The research will also contribute to the HRCN report to the UN Special Rapporteur on poverty and human rights.

In this perspective, we invite you to complete the survey about the response to the COVID 19 pandemic within your city. The survey is accessible on the following link  The completion of the survey should not take your more than 20 minutes to complete. The deadline for the data collection of surveys is Monday 11th January 2021.

The Human Rights Cities Network will facilitate a feedback webinar in March 2021 to share the results amongst the Network members. Representatives from all those cities who have participated in the survey will be invited.

The HRCN and the MA researchers thank you in advance for your time and your input into this study. Your experience is extremely valuable in the report and also for the network itself.

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