Bruno Salter

Website management support

Bruno Salter Mas has been involved since the beguining with the Human Rights Cities Network.

He is based in Catalonia and is the technical support for the project.

His experience involves a wide range of skills involving web and graphic design, networking and communication in the social, political and cultural sectors.

He has been part of a great number of social movements, ground roots organisations, citizen platforms, environmentalist organisations and NGOs in Spain, Brazil, Chile and West Africa.

Among them;
As an agent in the Local Community Councils in Brazil’s Nordeste, and in Neighborhood Associations in cities like Tarragona (Spain), Natal (Brazil).
He was part of the Degrouth mouvement in Spain.
As a logistics specialist with several NGOs in Burkina Faso.

Speaks catalan and spanish as native languages toghether with english, french and portuguese.