Shams Asadi

Human Rights Commissioner of City of Vienna


Present Position: Human Rights Commissioner and the head of the Human Rights Office of the City of Vienna (since September 2015)

The Human Rights Office is a part of the City Administration and acts as a connecting link between the different departments of the city and different organizations. With subjects; security policies from the perspective of human rights, rights of the child and combating of human trafficking organizes the office on a regularly basis meetings with its counterparts in the aforementioned institutions to develop new concept for projects to promote human rights and social development. The office facilitates participation of and dialogue and cooperation between NGOs, governmental organizations and civil society, both on a local and an international level to implement the City Council’s declaration “Vienna, a City of Human Rights” and to guide the further development of the Human Rights Culture in Vienna.

Lecturer at the University of Technology and University of applied Sciences in Vienna &Salzburg

Board Member of the Human Rights Advisory Council as the representative of Federal level on the Austrian Ombudsman: It supports the AOB in determining of the focal points for monitoring procedures, issuing maladministration statements, developing recommendations and ensuring consistent procedures and inspection standards

Board Member of SOHO in Ottakring – SOHO in Ottakring is an urban art project has started since 1999 as part of an artist ́s initiative in the Brunnen quarter in Ottakring (with high diversity in population). SOHO in Ottakring focuses on aspects such as urban living and development, artistic intervention and interaction in the local environment and public life.

Board Member of IZ- Intercultural Centre – Since 1987 IZ has been supporting international school partnerships, cross-border co-operations in the field of education, international youth work, as well as intercultural education and diversity management in Austria and abroad (the National Agency for the EU-Youth Programmes: Youth in Action/Erasmus+: Youth in Action)

2009-2015 Deputy Independent Officer in charge of the Anti-discrimination Office of Vienna

2000-2009 Urban Planning and Urban Development Department of the City of Vienna – Head of the unit Urban Economy and International Affairs

1993-2000 Employee in the Urban Renewal Office in Ottakring –Vienna (Responsible for public spaces and coordination of the participation of the citizens in planning processes)

1998-2000 Collaboration on the European Project “Urban Culture” in the framework of the URBAN-Project at the Academy of Sciences

1994-2000 Foundation of the Association “Migration and Public Spaces” – Organizing of conferences on the subject with the aim of consciousness building to subject migration in Vienna and different usage of the public spaces

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