European Parlement EP URBAN Intergroup meeting

URBAN INTERGROUP meeting: Prioritizing cities agenda and promoting collaboration towards Urban policies

Prioritizing cities agenda and promoting collaboration towards Urban policies

URBAN Intergroup meeting held on the 10th of October at the European Parliament in Brussels.


Mayor’s Agenda for Cities and the European Union


The EP Urban Intergoup event was held in Brussels at the European Parliament this morning. Promoting the Mayor’s Agenda for the Cities regarding the european elections of 2024 has enabled an interesting discussion on the priorities and challenges for cities moving forward.

Climate action and urban policies were key elements addressed by the pannelists. Mayor of Bologna, Ms. Anna Lisa Boni enhanced the importance of implementing climate policies, which are nor a lux nor an option.

« Climate action means working faster, and this, in an integrative way : Climate action is an urban policy. It means working on urban planning, working on social issues, mobility, water consumption, working on food, promoting education on climate issues, working on accessibility and quality of life. Climate change means creating a climate of change. » says Ms. Boni

Including mayor and cities in the policy decision making will create opportunities for better decisions. Andre Sobczar, representative of Euro Cities put forward the matter excepted by mayors from the European Union : a more direct dialogue. This event enabled to adress this main subject by sharing experience and knowledge and views on urban policies and the role of the EU.

The importance of Urban policies and tackling the issues being faced by mayor and cities is a key element to grow better understanding and implementation. Mr. Yan Oblrycht emphasized the real political power mayor hold today, leading to the European elections in 2024. 

The acknowledgment of mayor in decision policy making has been a main goal of the new presidency of Belgium at the EU. Having the presidency program being created through a collaboration directly with cities was a big first step in that direction. The future of European urban policies decision process will be tackled through informal and formal councils. In order to the importance of having cities taking a seat at the main table but also delivering messages and a formal declaration.

Pannelists - EP Intergoup meeting

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