How to become the new European Capital of Democracy

Applications are open and cities have been signing up to compete for the title of ‘European Capital of Democracy’. Any city or municipality can apply until the end of June 2022. This brand-new initiative is led by the European Capital of Democracy (ECoD), a European-wide and EU funded initiative which aims to strengthen and innovate democracy.

The ECoD promotes the reasons why a city should apply for this honorary title:

A city holding this title will enjoy a wide range of benefits, such as an enhanced international reputation as a centre of education and innovation, the chance to host international events and meetings of leading European politicians, and of course a boost to civic pride.

Through a transparent 5-step process, the new European Capital of Democracy will be elected by the 10,000-strong Citizen’s Jury out of a 5-city-shortlist drawn up by the Expert’s Jury. The first elected winner will hold their title for the year ’23/’24. Each year, elections will take place to choose a new capital for democracy.

Cities, get yourselves ready for a boost in European democracy!

Apply now following this link.

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