There is no charge to access the Human Rights Cities Network.

No affiliation

  • The Human Rights Cities Network is a private and interactive platform accessible via the website
  • The Network is committed to advancing the development of human rights cities and a fundamental rights culture in Europe and beyond
  • Joining the Network is neutral, impartial and independent process
  • There is no affiliation to any political party, organisation or movement, linked to membership

Become an Active Actor

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  • Connect with us and others
  • Ask questions and talk about human rights cities
  • Expand your knowledge and spread the human right cities philosophy and concepts
  • Share information, knowledge, local practices, academic articles and research and send us useful links
  • Follow us and keep updated on trends and developments
  • Stay informed of relevant events and inform us of special events on the horizon

Incentives to be an Active Actor

  • Belonging to a global community of experienced human rights practitioners
  • Expanding connections between human rights cities and like-minded practitioners
  • Benefiting from the Excellence Knowledge Centre
  • Increasing human rights cities visibility
  • Contributing to the development of human rights cities
  • Access to specific information and events

Languages available

English is the default language of the Human Rights Cities Network. French and Spanish options are currently in the works.

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