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Nuremberg – City of Peace and Human Rights

On the background of the special role of Nuremberg during the National Socialist Regime in Germany, the City of Nuremberg feels obliged to contribute to peace and the implementation of Human Rights in an active manner. In order to keep the lessons from the past alive Nuremberg has started various Human Rights activities during the last 25 years. One important point answering its past and future by proclaiming itself the “City of Peace and Human Rights” in 2001. Already in 1997, the Human Rights Office as a part of the Mayor’s Office was established. As a kind of “moral compass” and as a networking node, the Human Rights Office develops plans for and implements human rights protection as a municipal policy task across all departments. Municipal policy decisions are assessed for their alignment with the guiding principle, deficits and gaps are identified, projects and political activities are initiated.

International Nuremberg Human Rights Award

Since 1995 he “International Nuremberg Human Rights Award” has been awarded every two years to persons committed to human rights in an exemplary way and at considerable personal risk. The City of Nuremberg continues supporting the awardees after the presentation of the award, for example by supporting their human rights projects in their countries. These projects are granted additional funding by donations from Nuremberg citizens, by the foundation “Nuremberg – City of Peace and Human Rights” and by the “Peace Banquet”, a benefit dinner reminiscent of a historic banquet in 1649.

The local level

The activities on local level are corresponding with the two structural principles within the human rights system: protection against discrimination, and standing up for the weakest and most vulnerable groups in society. A professional officer for discrimination issues has been in charge of assisting Nuremberg citizens affected by discrimination and of addressing any discrimination events happening within the city boundaries. She works in close cooperation with the women ́s officer, the counsellor for men and the contact person for LGBTIQ issues.

Human Rights education

The long-term goal of human rights education is establishing a culture where human rights are understood, defended and respected. The Human Rights Office provides a wide variety of education to bring the “City of Peace and Human Rights” closer to this goal and to raise, strengthen and extend awareness of these rights. The programs address the staff of public administration and professions sensible to human rights. This requires both a joint understanding of human rights education agreed by all agents and a strict orientation towards target groups and quality standards accepted and applied by all.

Further Core Activities


  • Fighting group focused enmity and education in democracy
  • organising international human rights conferences,
  • co-operating with the United Nations and UNESCO,
  • measures to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • co-operating in the “German Human Rights Film Award”,
  • chairing the Round Table “Fair Toys” with companies from the toy sector, co-ordinating the “Round Table Human Rights” comprising the churches, non- government organisations, and other institutions dealing with human rights issues.

Meanwhile Nuremberg’s diverse efforts have been internationally recognised. In 2000, Nuremberg was the first municipality world-wide to be honored with the UNESCO Award for Human Rights Education.

Nuremberg - Human Rights Street
Since: 2020
Contact person's name: Ms Martina Mittenhuber
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