Els Van Driel

Media professional & Documentary

Els van Driel (Alkmaar, 1976) is an independent journalist and documentary director. She is the founder of Monocle productions foundation, which promotes and produces films about human- and childrensrights.  She initiated the award-winning childrens documentary series Mensjesrechten/Just Kids about children’s rights and The Asylummachine, a crossmedia project about Dutch national asylumpolicies.  In 2017 she made the documentary The Deal about the consequences of the EU-Turkey deal. This film initiated parliamentary questions for a thorough evaluation of the deal. It was however turned over by a small majority in parliament.  Currently she is working on the multimedia project Shadow Game, a feature length documentary and a webdocumentary series about young unaccompanied migrants traveling through Europe.  In all projects Els aims for maximum impact in the public and political debate.  She also teaches about religion, philosophy and documentarymaking at the School of Journalism in Utrecht.

Els did her bachelor in Art History and finalized her Master’s degree in social cultural theology at the University of Amsterdam in 2001 and is based in Amsterdam.

Email: vandriel.els@gmail.com

Tel: +31 (0)6 51066756



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