Margarita Spasova profil

Margarita Spasova

Acting Director


Margarita Spasova has worked in the civil society sector for almost 10 years. Her academic and professional background is in the field of human rights, migration, gender equality and democratic participation.

Her experience spans from training and project coordination, through advocacy and research to being the president of a local grassroot association and then becoming a board member of Amnesty International Bulgaria.

Margarita is passionate about improving the participation and the full enjoyment of human rights for more people with a focus on groups that have been traditionally excluded from the decision-making processes. In the last few years, she has worked extensively on monitoring women’s and youth participation in elections and on researching good practices for enhancing political representation. In addition, she works as a freelance trainer in the field of youth and human rights.

Margarita holds a BA in International Relations, an International Master’s in European Union Law from Sofia University and the University of Lorraine and a Master’s in International Migration and Ethnic Relations from Malmö University.

Joining the Human Rights Cities Network is a natural next step in her journey with a belief in the importance of translating international human rights standards into an everyday reality for people on a local level.

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