Beyond ‘Cities of Refuge’: Final Conference


Join us on the 30 and 31 May, in Middelburg, The Netherlands, to the ‘Cities of Refuge’ Final Conference !  The conference will be live-streamed via this link and pictures will be taken.

Cities of Refuge is a 5-year research project. Therefore, this project explores the relevance of international human rights, as law, praxis and discourse on how local governments in Europe welcome and integrate forced migrants.

As a result, this 2-day event will include panels of selected academics, policymakers, and roundtable discussions.

the researchers involved host for and in-depth discussion with prominent scholars and policymakers, seeking to move  beyond generalizations and easy conclusions, explicitly focusing on the complexities at hand but also on the best practices.

Our Director and founder of the HRCN, Frédérique Hanotier, is one of the guest speakers to the final Roundtable II. During this session, experts will share their views on Inter-city networks: Fruitful marketplace or competitive scramble for resources? 

After that, the HRCN will report on the outcome of this Final Conference.

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